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Women of Color Weekend Provincetown 2017
June 2 - 5, 2017


Jonta Davis -

Born in Gary, Indiana, in the summer of 1978, Jonta N. Davis currently lives in Massachusetts where she is an aunt, a daughter, a sister, the black sheep, but an all around good person to know. Jonta began writing at an early age in order to declare her own voice in a noisy world. Jonta has completed several novels, the previously published by Rosedog Books We Were the McMillan's, as well as new books Fire and Ice, Still...Want...You, Still...Wanting...You, and Lost and Found. Jonta is currently working on several other book projects to arouse the senses.

My books appeal to the LGBT community because they speak to the one thing we all crave...a place we belong. My characters are flawed and sometimes broken but they craved and long for community, a family, and love. My characters exist in the LGBT community...you see them and feel them in very visceral ways. My books don’t talk down or idolize any one thing...my books explore human connections and ask the questions...”When will I be loved...and how will I sustain it when I do?” My books are loved by the young and old alike...because at the end of the day...you see yourself among them.

Why I love PTown and Women of Color Weekend: Because it always feels like coming home. PTown is the balm that soothes my soul and heals me....WOC is a big part of how I heal. I get to be apart of so many womyn's journeys to not feeling alone and feeling maybe for the first time as though they belong...It's my privilege and my honor to be there with them.

Mimi Gonzalez -

Mimi Gonzalez has been rocking the mic at Prides and protests to cruises and festivals since before being gay was spelled with three letters. She welcomes everyone in the acronym of GLBTetc through her fierce politics of inclusion. Her life-long agitation and activism is expressed in print through queer magazines and as a stand-up comedy on nationally televised shows. “One of the funniest comics in NYC” according to Backstage Magazine and a frequent guest on several Sirius radio shows, you can see her on Logo and Comedy Central. When she’s not touring or entertaining on an Olivia cruise, she’s working the New England gay resort of Provincetown since 2006.

Provincetown Magazine says she’s “Funny, sexy, sharp, positive…Mimi Gonzalez is a comic, life-affirming force.”

Val Nyanforj‏ -

I knew from the first time I attended Women of Color Weekend, I decided I had to join the amazingly dedicated team who makes this event a reality. 

When I was a public speaker for GLBTQIA youth I always explained to people as a queer, colored, Catholic there's not too many places I feel fully accepted.  WOC weekend is one of them.

Every year I look forward to seeing the familiar faces who return annually...the ones who've sometimes traveled thousands of miles to attend, which I, too, have done.  It's equally great meeting new attendees and introducing them to the marvel that is Provincetown. 

For a weekend we're like a sitcom family. There are scenes of laughter, sunshine, poolside dancing, writing, sharing and most importantly community building.  Having been out for 23 years; having come out in a rural town as a teenager, I can attest I have been to many an event/conference/gathering, and there's few I would put my name on. 

I am part of an amazingly dedicated team who behind the scenes works what's left of my butt off to make sure we keep flourishing and we keep our family growing.

Dorothy Randall Gray -

Dorothy Randall Gray has enthralled audiences;with her dramatic poetry performances, spellbinding stories, and captivating humor. She has facilitated creative writing, personal development, and empowerment sessions for many different groups, from incarcerated youth to business executives. Writers rave about her inspiring workshops and insightful professional guidance.

Dorothy is author of the acclaimed bestseller, Soul Between The Lines: Freeing Your Creative Spirit Through Writing and other books. She was a contributor to the NY Times, SisterFire, and many other anthologies and periodicals. She has been featured on countless radio and TV programs, colleges, conferences and cafes.

Dorothy has been an advocate for spiritual activism, personal empowerment, transformational creativity, and global healing. To implement this passion she founded the Heartland Institute for Transformation.She is a former Poet-in-Residence at Hunter College, NYU faculty member, and National Public Radio commentator.She has since shared the dais with the Dalai Lama, served as a UNESCO delegate, and supplied African schools with writing implements.

Jha' d Williams -

Jha D Williams is the founder of the "if you can Feel it, you can Speak it" Open Mic, and the producer of EN-ER-GY. She is an architect by day, spokenword artist by night and advocate for the LGBTQIA Communities of Color by every second. She has produced several events over the past 5 years that cater to and celebrate the aforementioned communities. Personal and professional relationships with organizations in Boston, such as LOCS, HBGC and The Theater Offensive, have enabled her to be well connected and successful in her efforts. She has attended and performed at the Women of Color Weekend in the past and is excited to contribute to this year's events!

Sherri Quist -

I am thrilled to be a part of Women of Color & Friends Weekend. I have been attending this wonderful event since its inception with my friends and partners. I knew that I wanted more culture in Provincetown, and felt the need to be more active in this special weekend, making sure that all women of color would want to be in this wonderful little paradise; this gay friendly, sea-side village called Provincetown.

So, rather than just being a patron of these events I became involved in securing entertainers, the venues for them and for my own parties and assisting in obtaining accommodations for women. I am also an official, proud sponsor of this event through my company, Coldwell Banker. I have been a property owner in Boston & Provincetown for over 20 years, and truly look forward to this being one of the best WOC Weekends yet!

Lioness HC -

Wendy “Lioness” Hernandez is a proud Dominicana born in Washington Heights and raised in Boston. A self-described “wild flower, Wendy believes in doing only that which makes one happy. After 10 years as an educator in Boston, she decided to go into business for herself, and the trained teacher of English and Special Education became a Jewelry Stylist.

As a business owner, Wendy is able to contribute to her community by holding fundraising events for worthy organizations especially those focused in the area of education and the empowerment of women.

“Do good. Look good. “ Wendy "Lioness" Hernandez